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School bus for sale

The time has come to sell our beloved school bus. She’s been sitting for the last 2 1/2 years without much use beside the occasional overnight guest. She’s lonely and looking for an adventure with the right people.

For a tour, you can view the bus videos here.


  • 1995 Thomas skoolie.
  • 36 feet long (though the title says 40 ft, she is indeed 36 ft long).
  • Automatic transmission.
  • Diesel.
  • Rear engine.
  • Large black water tank (six people lived here).
  • Freshwater storage tank.
  • Rear queen size bed (includes mattress) with storage underneath.
  • Interior ceiling is 6 foot, 4 inches high.
  • Two sets of bunk beds, smaller than twin size.
  • Bath/shower area (bath tub is a converted feed trough that is the best tub ever, even for tall grownups).
  • Propane Jotul heat stove.
  • Fully functioning kitchen.
  • Fridge can run on electric or propane.
  • Cook stove runs on propane and can be covered for additional counter space when not in use. Also has rear propane shut off for safety.
  • Front benches have lots of storage space underneath and can be used as beds.
  • Brand-new batteries (summer 2017)
  • Table can stay setup or be moved out of the way when not in use (though the setup can be a pain with just one person).
  • Oh yeah, and she runs.

Stuff that needs attention

Or, all the details we want you to know so there are absolutely no surprises. Like when we went to buy a 40 ft bus and found out we only had a 36 ft bus … There are things on the bus that need to be fixed. And finished. We lived in it for a little over a year and some things didn’t really need to be finished to live in it.


  • Finish work on the bunk beds (currently bare 2×4 exposed, though you might like that or want to take out the bunks altogether).
  • Propane heater needs to be anchored.
  • Kitchen cabinetry: cabinets in front of the sink need faces, one cabinet needs a drawer built.
  • Oven thermostat does not work.
  • Side entry door does not have a lock (we have been using a vice clamp thingy since we moved into town).


  • There is a small gap under the water heater that needs to be covered.


  • The fuel line *probably* needs to be replaced. Otherwise fuel tank needs to be kept around 1/2 full.



Cash or cashier’s check only.

Local pickup in Central Oregon.