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Late last year, I mentioned that we decided to move into a bus. I’ve been trying to get Ian to move into an RV for a few years now, since discovering the Walk Slowly, Live Wildly blog. I love the idea of traveling with my family. And I thought it would make home school more interesting if we could actually visit the places we’re learning about.

He thought I was crazy.

However, he conceded after we watched the documentary I’m Fine, Thanks (featuring my friends, Matt and Betsy Jabs from diyNatural), which included an interview of a family that lived in a school bus. What made him say yes? They had 6 kids. (Well, that helped, anyway).

So, a few weeks after agreeing to my crazy plan, Ian and my brother drove to Idaho to pick up our school bus. I experienced feelings of giddiness and disbelief as he pulled up and thought to myself, “Oh my gosh, we own a school bus. I’ve lost my mind. What was I thinking? This is awesome!”

But … it was hideous, y’all.

Seriously. Whoever converted the bus into an RV was a huge fan of brown paneling (which he fixed into place with glue, nails and screws). And cigarettes. So we had to gut our home school bus.

And this is what she looks like right now:

So what are our plans? First, we need to finish it up.ย Last weekend, we moved back out to my parents’ place so we could get the bus done.

Nothing lights a fire under your butt like cramming six people into a 25 foot travel trailer. Except that, we don’t really feel crammed, which means our bus is going to feel huge (at least, that’s what I keep telling myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

Once it’s done, we’ll hit the road. Some wonderful friends have offered to let us park at their place on the coast, and we have some great friends in Colorado we’d love to see again. That’s what we’re thinking so far (right, honey?).

We’ll see where the adventure takes us.

For more pics of the bus, you can check out myย Flickr streamย andย follow me on Instagram.ย And see our latest update here.